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  • This gallery is a collection of images I've photographed in my home town, Owensboro, KY., in just the last 2-3 years. It's amazing how fast time changes things. In just this short time many of the places illustrated in this gallery either are in the process of renovation or no longer exist.
  • This is an ongoing and constantly growing collection so please check back often. Also see on this site: the "Details Details" gallery - a collection of architectural photographs, illustrating many Owensboro and surrounding area details.
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My Home TownLove SongCheering SectionShore LeaveOwensboro Riverfront 2005Federal Building - Owensboro KYIlluminataMcAteesLead The WayThe Anderson BuildingMoon Over OwensboroWar Memorial - Owensboro KYSteel Mill - Owensboro, KYImplosion -Executive Inn, Owensboro KYWeathered HeightsThe New BridgeThe New Bridge _ ColorNatcher BridgeBassman At Woodwards CafeLock, Stock, & Barrel